Get Involved

Welcome to RAIL! We hope you find the site to be useful and will consider helping us make it even better. Currently there are four ways to get involved with the site:


Visitors don’t need an account to participate. Visitor participation takes place through commenting and rating recipes on the site. Every recipe should have a comments section below the recipe where visitors can provide feedback on how successful their use of the recipe was or suggest improvements/variations to the recipe. The comments will be moderated.

Recipe Author

Recipe authors need to have an account and can register for one on the Registration Page. Once you have an account you will see a new menu in the Toolbar along the top of the screen that will allow you to create new recipes. Having an account also will allow you to participate in the Groups and Forums areas of the site. As a recipe author your recipes will be held as drafts until a Reviewer is able to review and publish the recipe.


Reviewers are members of the community who are responsible for reviewing, editing, and publishing recipes submitted by recipe authors. Reviewers are also able to moderate the forums.


Advisors are members of the Advisory Board and are responsible for steering the RAIL project.

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